Kingdom of Batu

An ambitious, latest micronation which claims two different island grups. One of them consists of 2 islands, one of them has capital island "Nyøy-batuland", which located 41 km far away from east coast of Greenland. The coordinates of capital of Kingdom of Batu (Nyøy-batuland) are 73°15' N 56°44' W. Another island group is located 29 km far away from the coast of island of Rio Cacine region in Guinea-Bissau.The coordinates of capital of this region of Kingdom of Batu (Rokkeøy) are 10°36' N 15°22' W and  it is located 1,1 km far away from Ile de Naufrage island of Guinea Bissau.


The Kingdom between cold Aurora Borealis and warm West-Africa.

Motto: The Aurora in our sky, independece in our hearts