Kingdom of Batu

An ambitious, latest micronation which claims two different island grups and one area in Mond since 06.04.2020  (Area B31 Quadrant Echo , Plot-Number:031/097 (between 36-38 N and 58-60 E), total area: 177 acre. One of them consists of 2 islands, one of them has capital island "Nyøy-batuland", which located 41 km far away from west coast of Greenland mainland. The coordinates of capital of Kingdom of Batu (Nyøy-batuland) are 73°15' N 56°44' W. Nearby towns in Greenland are Inaarsuit (appr. 25 km south-east) and Tasiusaq (appr. 25,5 km north-east) Another island group is located 29 km far away from the coast of island of Rio Cacine region in Guinea-Bissau.The coordinates of capital of this region of Kingdom of Batu (Rokkeøy) are 10°36' N 15°22' W and  it is located 1,1 km far away from Ile de Naufrage island of Guinea Bissau.


between coldest artic climate and warm african sands


Aurora in our sky, independece in our hearts