General information

National Day: 28 October
Capital city:    Nyøy-batuland (Main Island)
Population:    4
Geography:  4 islands, reef
                       Nyøy-batuland   : 0,001km² (North group)
                       Snøfnugg øya    : 200 m² (North group)
                       Rokkeøy              : 0,007 km² (South group)
                       Regndråpe øya  : 0,0012 km² (South group)
            Strait between 2 islands( between Regndråpe  and Rokkeøy:"Pluton Strait(2,8 km)
            Distance between Nyøy-batuland and Rokkeøy is 7460 km.
            Distance between  Nyøy-batuland and Snøfnugg øya is 90 meter. This strait between              2 islands of north group island is called ´´Blålys Strait``.

Official Language: English 
Minor Languages: Greenlandic, Norwegian, German, Turkish and Portugese.